Empowering Bangladeshi artisans;

One bow at a time

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The Concept of TigerBow

The concept of TigerBow is one of mutual benefit. We curate bowties with fabric sourced from our land, and hands that have been celebrating our culture for years. We are allowing people do continue their livelihood, through making you look good.

Crafting Elegance

The Expression of Katan

TigerBow is an authentic Bangladeshi bowtie, handcrafted by rural artisan women, and made with state-of-the-art 'Katan' fabric from Bangladesh.

Our Values

Make an Impact Leave an Impact

Wearing a TigerBow is certain to make you dashing, intriguing, mysterious, cool...but that is as nothing when compared to the effect it will have on the artisans of Bangladesh whom TigerBow supports.

More Than Standard Market Salary
The Impacts

We Rise by Lifting Others

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Made with Hand Made with Love

We source traditional fabrics and garment producers, those who have been carrying the tradition of making clothes for generations, and connect their products to first world luxury markets. Our products surpass the quality of a standard department store product. We are allowing people to continue their livelihood, through making you look good.


We empower artisan through upholding culture.

Pristine Quality

We craft with care and ensure the best quality.


We make elegant bow ties to make you look good.


We choose 'Katan', a strong part of our history & culture.

Ryan FriedmanDenver, USA

“I love wearing something great and that also for a great cause.”

Isaac Malca Ruiz Lima, Peru

“I love it because it empowers Bangladeshi women artisans.”

Ziad KhalifaVancouver, Canada

“It makes dapper, cool and also they are supporting Bangladeshi women artisans.”

Reka ZempleniCalifornia, USA

“Great quality, design and supporting Bangladeshi artisans one bow at a time.”

Adam BacaBoulder, USA

“I am seriously impressed with the quality of these bow ties. I get compliments every time I wear them.”

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We empower Bangladeshi artisans one bow at a time.

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